Comment on stock brokerage companies of India

An Indian stockbroker or stock brokerage was an registered person or authority by Indian stock market controller SEBI (securities exchange board of india) that allows safe transactions in stock markets.

Present Trend: Subsequently, the trading of most retail investors is predominantly increased with stock brokerage organizations than previous trading methods using favorite individual stockbroker.
The Main Reasons for this condition in Indian stock brokerages may be of following reasons:

- A high security offered by the large stock brokerage organizations than that of individual stockbrokers.
- Many stock brokerage companies in india are with large market capital, some of them are listed in stock markets
- User compatible Trading Methods
- Decrease in Brokerage Charges by brokerage companies due to large competition in this field.
- Huge Margins giving by brokerage companies for their faithful traders and for large stock players as their clients.
- Timely mobile alerts and stock tips for free offering by some brokerages.
- Special subscription packages of various stock tips offering by the stock brokerages for their traders.
- Free or low premium Insurance facilities offering by some brokerages for their clients.
- Emerging Online trading facility and mobile banking, trading facilities. And their immediate esurience by stock brokerage companies rather than individual brokerages.
- Using of advanced software’s as their trading platform by the brokerages which are offering a high security along with easy trading platform.
- Finally the advertisement of stock brokerages on major business channels.

Below are the some stock brokerages mainly concerned with India with huge capital and large number of traders as their customers:
Reliance Money Brokerage:
It is a group company of Anil Ambani. It is offering latest mobile trading platform for its customers. It is offering lowest Intraday transaction brokerage charges and huge margins. But the required limit for trading is high compared to other brokerages. But also it following different criteria for trading in options ultimately forcing for large investment and risk.

Karvy Stock Brokerage:
Even through it is one of the oldest Brokerage with large number of clients, now it is working with a huge competition of other stock brokerages that are predominating it in their advanced technologies, only it can survive if it changes its brokerage strategy according users requirements and facility.

Indian Infoline Brokerage:
Infoline is Leading Stock Brokerage of India. It may be compared with Nse of india, likewise it is following the advanced software systems and advertisements and branches, showing that it will become the predominantly largest brokerage in india. But it is Not offering the special low brokerage plans or large margin strategies for its traders.

Religare stock brokerage, kotak securities, HDFC stock brokerage, Bonanza online are other stock brokerages leading in india.

With the severe competition existing among these trusted brokerage systems, investment traders are getting increase facilities and securities for their shares in stock markets.

They may be much decline in brokerage charges (excluding common stamp duties), better security during online transactions, increasing chain among the country, free subscription packages, phone banking interrelated trading, free daily stock tips, proper guidance, increasing time limit for margin trading, adapting advanced brokerage software’s, offering trading in other investment options related to stock markets like commodity investment and currency trading etc may be the reasons.

But stock market investors and traders should always be conscious about these stock brokerages, consider all the factors above to choose their choice brokerage including personal preference, security, value for money, proper placement, packages, other interrogatives. Having a good customer support center is essential for getting immediate response for your problems.

Growing Employment:
With a minimum certificate course many private stock brokerage companies are employing large number of candidates required for their expansion plans and growth opportunities in emerging Indian economy.

Investment In Brokerage Companies:
We suggest investment in Indian infoline. As a brokerage infoline is outperforming. It attracted a large number of customers from last few quarters even the recession suppresses the sector. Thoroughly analyzing performance, growth rate, expansion plans, financial capability, fraud less history, future of brokerage market confirms infoline as a First Option for a Portfolio Including Investment in Stock Brokerages.


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