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Entirely new to stock markets?
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Previously I not involved in any financial business, can these stock markets are understandable to me? Is it possible to me to enter?

With eager to enter I referred so much, its really confusious…no one told me in simple what they are? Can u?????

Stock markets are useful to companies and large businesses, then how they are useful to my personal account?

Ohhh! Large definitions, complex explanations..can u tell simply told what these are…

Is stock markets are confined to large personalities or average persons like mine can also eligible to invest in stock markets?

Is large amount is required to start investing? What is minimum amount required to start?

Heavy transactions, involvement of brokers…I have a doubt, is my investment secure in stock markets?

I always hear in news channel ‘Today stock markets fall’, is the investments in that are very risky? What are risk factors entirely associated at it.

We have banks, mutual funds…then what is necessity to invest in stock markets?

My friend says his money was doubled within one month, is it true? I want to invest now. How much time I hope to double my money?

PAN card and good bank account are primary necessities to enter the stock markets.

What these are? Is they needed to start investing in stock markets?

its not complete there is a lot to know more...through this blog.