How stock markets are personally useful to me?

“Stock markets are useful tools for companies to get money for their business, then how can they are useful to me personally?” especially for common investors how they are useful?”

India, being a developing country the economy is growing at a faster rate. Only way to participate in this race is by “Investing in stock markets”. To participate in the growth of the nation and to make profited equally stock markets are useful for every individual.

Today you may be a middleman or somewhat rich, but after some years you definitely become financially poor if you stay out of this race, especially if you are a non-business person.
So Stock markets are not a useful investment tool, but “Must Essential” Investment Practice.
You may not be running a business, but how to participate in the fastest growing business and companies in India, by investing in stock markets. The companies, which you are invested, are doing business and sharing the profits equally with you. How nice…profits without participating in business, just by buying the shares of that company.

For example, companies like Infosys.
Once upon a time it is a small software company. But later by software boom it had grown very fastly. The people who invested in that are benefited hugely by its growth and profits without even knowing what business it is. So, They do business for all (for company and investors).

You may invest in the India’s largest companies, by buying the shares of that company.
Can you think off the Oil Refinement Business, or Car Manufacturing or becoming the starting the business of Telecom services with relatively small amount of money you have, never…. but, yes you can do…how?, with the investment in stock markets.
But its not direct, you need not to do that any business operations. But equally get the profit from the business.

How can achieve this? Suppose if you are invested in reliance industries limited by buying its shares, now you are a part of the company business. You are doing indirectly the oil refinement business.
Likely similar in any big companies like Tata motors, Airtel or any….
Being a partner, by investing in good company you get good profits both with increased share price and any dividend offered by the company.


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