Is Quora killing the message boards (forums) spread across the web?


Jonathan Brill, Distribution is Everything
No, I think Facebook did that. It did it to the ones I was in anyway. Once everybody was connected on Facebook it seemed redundant and silly to still maintain a forum dialogue. Facebook was more authentic, had messaging (asynchronous and real time) built in, calendaring features, media sharing, and eventually profiles with enough sophistication to handle delineation.
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Jonathan Brill
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One of the prime reasons why multiple message boards exist is they allow more people to be part of the top group or elite posters in a particular forum. Thus their multiplicity is a means to provide more people to have their own corner in the Internet where they have significant impact. A single website will surely not kill all the message boards.
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Sanjay Sabnani, Top Wanker 2012
I spend a lot of time on forums and honestly, Quora doesn't come up very often.  In order to do some checking I did a Google search for "Quora" and other social media sites for the past 30 days, limiting the results to "discussions" in order to focus on forum chatter.

Quora 1,830 results
Reddit 1,470,000
StackOverflow 187,000
Myspace 1,340,000

It seems that Quora is not impacting forums at least not as a topic of discussion.
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Sanjay Sabnani
William Pietri, Maker, starter, writer.
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Probably not.

They're good for different things:

  • Wikipedia is good for canonical answers. ("What is the population of New York?")
  • Quora is best for canonical questions with personal answers. ("What's it like to live in New York?")
  • Forums are good for personal questions with personal answers and ensuing discussion from a specific community. ("Hey, fellow long-distance cyclists! What riding should I do in and around New York next week?")

I'm sure a modest number of forum questions are now answered on Quora pages, so some searchers will never make it as far as a forum. But a lot of forums find that sort of repetitive question annoying. So I'd expect that rather than killing message boards, it will let them focus more on the community of discussion that they're really good at.

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