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I wonder if Salman Rushdie is a Detective too .... 
How did he come to know about Mamata's intervention in the matter of his visit to Kolkata ?? Mamata is being a soft target of the Elitists ... 
Mr. Rushdie must come out with some evidence in the favour of his Tweet Statement if he is not lying ...

... Minister Mamata Banerjee, saying she did nothing wrong in blocking author Salman Rushdie's visit to Kolkata. "There is nothing shameful, I am congratulating the state government for taking the right decision,". Now Friend, if you like to imagine that ‘Mythological Bird’ is functioning here also, Just look back towards incidents few years back, when Com. Buddhadeb Bhattacharyya was in power.Mamata was creating widespread ‘Holla-Golla’ against the Administrative decision ...
So Rushdie banned from the literary meet... Oh Calcutta !! This one feather was missing from your cap Madam Chief Minister... turn a state which honored and celebrated literary geniuses into a bigoted ignorant society.. I wish no Calcuttans turn up to the book fair as a protest... and the world would know the ones who are against Rushdie hardly ever read more than 1 book !!
I feel am lucky to watch Viswaroopam over here in Bangalore last night. The Magnum opus of Mr. Kamalhaasan is really rocking. I just had the feel of watching a hollywoold movie. Ulaga nayagan rocks. Unfortunate for tamil nadu fans...Thanks to Mr. Kamalhaasan for giving such a quality movie which taken the Indian cinema to the next level of film making....
Viswaroopam Movies Share Review :

Finallllyyyy Watched Viswaroopam in Big Screen . With Tons of Disturbance . .

Sathya Vedu nu Oru Uru Irukunu Enaku Two Days Before tha Thariyum . Watched Around 500 Members . 200 Member tha Seat Iruku Remaining in Standing or Sitting in Floor . .

Viswaroopam - Pure Cinema With Love .

Unseen Location [Afghanistan Sonna] and Story to Tamil Cinema . Kudos to Kamal Sir . Pooja Kumari Sema .

After Movie Over . Shows the Trailer of Second Part ofViswaroopam ...
Viswaroopam: Magic , Brilliance, Class,.. One can keep on using any more synonyms for it. I dont understand where does kamalahassan brainwork comes from . Adorable story , screenplay, dialogue, photography, less scope for music though in this action packed thriller. The action packed sequence is taking th tamil film industry beyond Hollywood. The scene of carepet bombing shot on the hilly terrians of Jallalabad is mindblowing.Everyone has a role to perform in this movie and no character is wasted.Overall 140 minutes of action packed mindblowing bliss. KAMALAHASAN- Your are true Ulaganayagan.The odissi Dancer teacher frame draw even your foe to become your fan.Rahul Bose- class act ,take a bow... Santhosh varghese Cinematography..Stunning visuals captivating the mood of a war drawn Afghanisthan and action packed sequels in America. If you miss this movie, You have missed something worth watching in your lives towards media entertainment. personally this movie makes me comeback to watch Tamil cinema. True: ULAGANAYAGAN STYLE ,WORLD ClASS.

Dear Salman Khan & Akshay Kumar, I sincerely request you to watch Vishwapooram and learn some acting skills. Plz take your so called fans along. Kamal Haasan take a bow on finally delivering to Indian Cinema a worthwhile action flick.

Again an idi..ic TV chnl is after Dhoni abt his closeness with BCCI chief..SL loses to Aus 3-0..Pkstn is bwld out for 49 but our samaj sevak media is after a player who is possibly the best wk-batsman after Gilchrist (Gilly did not captain Aus)..we must support our players who hv given enough joy to the country by winning more matches than losing .TV chnls can only create negativity by airing views from failed ex-cricketers.

From google groups:
An insightful new function introduced by Facebook, something to consider when further developing/refining our capstone idea.  Of course for us it would be more like “My neighbors, who live relatively close to me, who liked this landscaper…etc.”

“Facebook's new Graph Search will allow users to uncover social connections between other members of the site and quickly identify which friends have been to certain places, "liked" specific topics... For example, Facebook explained how Graph Search could be used to find "My friends who live in Palo Alto who like Game of Thrones," "Indian restaurants liked by my friends from India”…

Greg Lobbin 

Jan 18

Despite the fact that FB is doing this because they are desperate for revenue, I think the move is great news for "AskAround' for a couple of reasons.  First, the fact that they are looking to leverage data in this way helps to validate our business problem: people want to know what their friends and neighbors (e.g. trusted) think, use, recommend, etc.  But, the board may ask, isn't that fact that FB is getting into this going to demolish our business opportunity to solve the "same problem"?  Absolutely not, we say!  FB has 1B users in every country of the world to worry about.  We can focus on niche markets and be successful.  This is a case where the network effect is very important, but can also hinder innovation.  FB will not be nimble or quick about the roll out.  They will also have difficulty getting the mobile and local connections made across their entire footprint.  Not only can a company like AskAround be able to leverage the FB (and other social network) "social graphs", but we will also have a much better understanding of local markets and can thus build partnerships to build more profitable revenue streams.

This could also represent an inflection point that spells big trouble for the Angie's lists of the world.  Not only is this potentially a source of better information but it is also free.  Again, network effect is important, but not if the cost of acquiring new customers exceed the revenue expected over an extended period of time.  AL has blown over $100M on advertising to bait customers to their network with the hope that they stay for a long time.  As the AskArounds of the world make trusted information more available and "friction free", who is going to keep shelling out $50 or more bucks a year for a proprietary database of reviews?


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Matthew Nimmer 

Jan 18

Right, so if we decide to be a niche market provider, this would help to deflect the perception that we are trying to compete with FB….at the same time, we would appear to be an attractive addition from AL’s perspective.  Clearly we need to consider, not only what we are, but that we are not them.

Ever knew that even Cricket has some Scientific theories? Check out here. Hilarious read. Credits- Sportskeeda 'Any resemblance to any scientific theory is purely coincidental and is not intentionally done to torture students by introducing science in cricket. 1. Gautam Gambhir’s Law of Poking: No one believed such a law existed, until the brilliance of Gautam Gambhir’s batting resulted in its discovery. The law states that, “No matter the length of the delivery bowled, if the ball is pitched outside off-stump, one shall definitely poke at it (not on Facebook) and manage to land the ball exactly in the hands of the slip or gully fielders.” This theory is followed only by Gambhir, but a variant of this theory is followed by his teammate Virender Sehwag. According to Sehwag, “No matter the length of the delivery bowled, if the ball is pitched outside off-stump, one shall definitely try to smash it out of the square leg boundary, irrespective of the field settings and more importantly, without any footwork”. 2. The Dravid Barrier: The theory, found by The Great Wall of India, states that, “One shall remain like a indestructible barrier in front of the wicket, no matter whether the bowler is Shoiab Akthar or Shoiab Malik.” Currently, only Kallis follows this barrier theory. 3. Kohli’s 3rd

Law of reaction: The theory from the young poster boy Virat Kohlistates that, “Any action from the opposition team members in the form of words will be immediately met with a reaction involving MCs, BC’s and importantly, finger salutes.” Sreesanth theorised the law earlier, which was later proved by Virat Kohli. 4. Bradman’s Law of Av
rages: Another law from the God himself, states that “Batsman shall crush their opponent’s bowling team’s morale with unbearable batting, and thus increase one’ s average beyond anyone’s reach.” Among current cricketers, Sangakkara and Hashim Amla follow this law in Test cricket, along with MS Dhoni in ODIs. 5. Kamran Akmal’s Buttterfinger Law: This one from the “Legen(wait for it)dary” keeper from Pakistan. It states that “The number of catches one shall drop is directly proportional to the number of times the ball comes into one’s hands i.e. the catch shall be dropped every single time the ball comes into the fielder’s hands.” The founder himself has been a strict follower of this theory and has also found support in Munaf Patel who puts this theory to test quite regularly.' Disclaimer – This work is purely fictional and is not meant to hurt anyone.


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