Analysis of markets with technical factors associated

Expecting the movement of stock price or stock market movement with the past experiences is called as technical analysis. Simply, it is possible or probable stock market movement more considering the past happening rather than present conditions.

For example, Expecting The Market Movement On A Particular Month By Technical Analysis Poses To Consider Atleast 10 Years Stock Market Movement Data On That Month, Finally Concluding The Average Or Most Happened Event Is Almost Repeatable That Month Of Present Year.

The Limiting Factors:
Technical analysis works many times, but entirely difference conditions under the Analyzing period acts as big limiting factor for the technical analysis of stock markets.
Another limiting factor is FII Trend Cannot Reflect The Market Technical Analysis, as they more prone Global Situations.
Theories Of Stock Market are assumptions of past, but also Technical analysis. So what’s the distinguishing factor? But the theories are pure experience based assumptions with evident of some success or failure. But analyzing also based on present situations along with highly probable expectations.

Technical analysis reflects intra-day and short-term market movement, but theories are long term market predictions. Technical analyzing changes time to time, but stock market theories are valid for long time intervals.

Technical Analysis And Outcomes: The technique technical analysis works superlative in many cases and in some special predictable sessions, but exceptional cases may be Sudden Crash Or Upper Circuit Sessions where technical merely fails.

Also the technique works mostly in cash rather than in future and options. Technical analysis based on chief considerable current factor, as Volatility Index forces a good success rate.

Our final suggestion is to trade according to your unique trading strategy, Technical analysis may a part of it. But never solely depend on it. Considering all possible factors, according to their Intensity Ratios to alter stock markets will regret a real success with technical analysis.


  1. I like the idea of technical analysis because it can be really profitable, but I'd hate having to sit an a computer all day and watch the prices change. Long-term fundamentals is easier to me.

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