Institutional and retail investors effecting markets

Above are Diverse Categories of investors, the Major Achievers of Indian stock markets. Their liquidity levels are almost equivalent, but effecting markets in different ardent ways.

Institutional Investors are large players in stock markets with financial supplementary basis, simply Able to Drive Stock Markets. The typical examples are Mutual Funds, Financial co-operations and Individual persons with good liquidity. If these institutional investors are of foreign they are called Foreign Institutional Investors. They are specially registered allowable institutional groups by SEBI.

Domestic Institutional Investors are Indian Mutual Funds or Insurance Policies investing in large amounts in stock markets like the LIC OF INDIA, UTI, ICICI, PARIDAS, RELIANCE, HDFC etc. They may be of governmental organizations.

Retail Investors are small Domestic Individual Investors with relatively small amounts of free liquidity. But, as all they constitute major group of investing category enforcing as liquidity as that of institutional investors.

But the Strategy Of Investment, Capability Variations, Aims of these categories are completely variable to each other category.

Retail investors had No Complete Concord, No Enough Familiarity, and Knowledge in financial markets. Most of they follow Stock Tips, Fii trends or some other services. Their network is Randomly Concentrated to either of Institutional Investors.

The foreign investment groups (FII”S) Follow A Different Strategy from domestic and they are highly risked, more regulated liquidity on global and own counties economic conditions. Mostly, Drive Stock Indices With Their Risky Future And Optional Investments.

Contrast, to foreign investors are domestic investors, even they have a hefty buying supplementary as Fii’s, but they never be only alternators of stock indices either on intra-day or long-term as they lack risk and more concerned with simple buying of shares in cash segment ultimately performing at no intense response for their investment strategy.

But in sense it is essential for an ideal stock analyzer to consider apart from global conditions, is Buying Power And Strategy Of Different Investment Groups of Foreign Institutional Investors, Domestic Institutions and Retail constituent Investors.


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