What are the best online sites/forums/communities for entrepreneurs building bootstrapped companies?

There seems to be a good bit of offline meetup-type gatherings of bootstrappers, but where are the most active and healthiest communities for founders of bootstrapped companies online?
Brian Casel, Web designer, developer, business-owner.
I'm also looking for more resources and communities, specifically for bootstrapperslike myself.

So far, my primary consumption is:

Mixergy.com - Andrew Warner hosts interviews and premium courses for all types of entrepreneurs (some bootstrapped).  He used to have a question/answer site called FoundersMix, but I believe that has been shut down... :(

Softwarebyrob.com - Rob Walling blogs about being a solo bootstrapped (software) entrepreneur and runs a premium course and community for this (I'm not a member, but hope to check it out next time it opens).

I subscribe to various other blogs... but I'm constantly looking for people/communities who are focused on BOOTSTRAPPING.

Any suggestions?
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Brian Casel
Rob Walling, bootstrapped founder, author, advisor
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Here are a few I follow in addition to the already mentioned Mixergy:

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Rob Walling
Corey Maass, Web App developer
A couple more:

http://startupsuccesspodcast.com/ - lots of interviews with really insightful people.

http://www.startupbook.net/ - Rob Walling (above) wrote a book!

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