What was the name of the first social media attempt to gather genuine thinkers at one place and use their thinking potential?

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The WELL would be the most widely accepted old school answer.
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Sanjay Sabnani
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  1. TED Talks has actual events, virtual presentations, and is a massive movement (ie the TED x gatherings).  My guess is by attendees and views it beats most alternatives.
  2. iTunes U or Open Courseware is arguably pretty close, but the content for Open Courseware while interesting and informative is rather long form and tends to be historical rather than forward looking in many of the subject areas (especially when juxtaposted versus TED talks).
  3. Open Ideo is a crowd sourced intelligence project run by IDEO which smart people contribute to and there are others like Innocentive.

Otherwise, you could look on a subject by subject basis for collaborative projects.
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Nathan Ketsdever
Natasha Boncompagni, Left and Right Brain Thinker
um, Quora? ;)

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